Comcast SportsNet confuses the Edmonton Oilers with the Calgary Flames

It's getting to the point where we could run a regular column on all of the graphical errors we've seen so far this NHL season. Seriously. They're everywhere. It'd be more surprising if you were to make it through an entire NHL game without seeing a blooper. 

The Winnipeg Jets are now the "Winnipeg Jerts". The Los Angeles Kings are being sold to a group in Seattle. Now the Edmonton Oilers are apparently using the Calgary Flames' logo, as seen in a recent broadcast on Comcast SportsNet. The Sharks did skate against the Calgary Flames prior to their contest with Edmonton, though that's not an excuse for botching something as simple as a team's logo.

Edmonton probably appreciated the error as they would have loved to pin that ugly performance in the first period on a different club. 

(H/T to JPQuayle for this gem)

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