Class action complaint filed against NHL over concussions

Fans, players, and the league probably expected this sooner or later. A la former NFL players, a group of former NHL players are suing the league in a class-action suit regarding concussions. The NFL group had about 4500 players involved. Here? Ten. These 10 guys played between 1970 and 1997, and none of them are what you could consider star caliber players, but all suffered career ending injuries related to concussions.

According to ESPN's Pierre LeBrun, the players are Gary Leeman, Brad Aitken, Darren Banks, Curt Bennett, Richard Dunn, Warren Holmes, Bob Manno Blair Stewart, Morris Titanic and Rick Vaive.

None of the big names cut down by concussions are involved. Eric Lindros, Paul Kariya, and Andy McDonald would be three names that you would expect to see on the list, but they are laying low. Would they make prime witnesses for the plaintiffs? You betcha, especially Kariya. The lawsuit contends that the NHL did not do enough to prevent concussions nor warn players of the dangers involved in the sport. See Exhibit A:

It made for a great story, but in retrospect all it was was one of many concussions in Kariya's career.

The question up for discussion here is whether the NHL knew the risks of sending players like Paul Kariya back out there to play after a concussion, and if they willingly did not tell the players of the risks involved both with the game and with playing after a hit to the head.

The lawsuit is available for reading here.

NHL Concussion Litigation Complaint Filed

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