Calgary Flames fire Jay Feaster as general manager

In a move that everyone expected three seasons ago, the Calgary Flames (namely, president of hockey operations Brian Burke, who strikes me as someone who has no patience for dithering) have relieved Jay Feaster and assistant GM John Weisbrod of their duties, effective immediately.The Flames got off to a promising start this season only to fall to their customary spot in the Western Conference: second to last. They're 11-15-4, which isn't absolutely horrible, but it's still about time that this move was made.

Maybe seeing all of the Jarome Iginla nostalgia the other night made Burke realize what a gigantic mess the Flames are. Maybe it reminded him how Feaster held Iginla as loooooong as possible before asking him to waive his NTC.  Maybe it was looking at a Bob Hartley coached team not accomplish anything. Maybe the whole thing is because the Flames haven't made the playoffs since the 2008-2009 season. Or maybe, just maybe, Burke had seen enough.

When he was appointed president of hockey operations, I figured that Feaster et al were on a short leash. Seems that leash has been yanked. Replacements have not been named, but whoever that soul is, they can't do worse than Feaster did. It's impressive that the Flames tolerated him for as long as they did.

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