Buffalo may have Ryan Miller and Thomas Vanek in training camp

The Buffalo Sabres appear to be accepting the fact that they might have Ryan Miller and Thomas Vanek when training camp begins in a couple of months. Darcy Regier, GM of the Sabres, believes lineups settle down in July and trade talk dies down until training camp. 

As a result, Miller and Vanek might be with the Sabres as the team begins their preseason schedule. 

In an interview seen on The Buffalo News, Regier commented on the lack of talk surrounding Miller and Vanek. Regier said:

The nature of this business is that as we move through July lineups get more and more settled, there's less movement. Once training camp starts, things begin to change some again.

Regier mentioned that money could be an issue (Shocking, right?). Few teams would be willing to take on Miller's $6.25 million contract or Vanek's $7.14 million contract in a year where the salary cap is dropping to $64.3 million. However, as we approach the 2013-14 season and teams start realizing where their strengths and weaknesses are in training camp, it's likely someone will pull the trigger on a deal to acquire either Miller or Vanek.

Stay tuned.  

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