Broadcast Blooper: ROOT Sports Pittsburgh isn’t sure which Sutter plays for the Penguins

Poor Brandon Sutter. The Pittsburgh forward has been compared to his father, Brent, throughout his young NHL career. Will Brandon be as good as Brent? Which will have more points in the NHL when all is said and done? Brent hoisted the Cup twice, will Brandon? You get the idea. 

Unfortunately for Brandon, these comparisons never stop – even when he was named the Player of the Game by his team's own network, ROOT Sports Pittsburgh. Brandon led the Penguins to a 3-2 victory over the Boston Bruins, scoring two critical goals in the third period. You'd think the network that airs most Penguins games would know which Sutter plays for the Penguins. Apparently not. 

Thanks to JP Quayle for sending this gem to us.

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