Broadcast Blooper: LA news anchor butchers Alex Pietrangelo’s name

Local LA news anchor Rob Fukuzaki of ABC 7 was in charge of reading highlights from the Kings' stunning Game 5 overtime victory over the St. Louis Blues. When it came time to read about how the time got to OT in the first place, Fukuzaki butchered Alex Pietrangelo's name, instead referring to him as "Alex Pad-dra-dello", or at least that's our best guess. 

Hockey names can be pretty difficult to pronounce. It's not uncommon to hear hockey fans butcher names from around the NHL. However, if you're an announcer or a news anchor, your job is mostly centered around speaking correctly. In the age of the Internet, it's pretty easy to do a Google search and find a site like this one that will tell you how to pronounce that big scary name. 

Local anchors make mistakes like this all of the time, but we're forced to run with this one as it's too rich that another blooper comes out of the Los Angeles area. We saw numerous mistakes and errors as the Kings marched to the Cup, but apparently that wasn't enough to get the local scene actually taking hockey coverage seriously. 

Big thanks to @TheMouthLAKings and @TheRoyalHalf for pointing this one out. 

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