UPDATED: Avalanche of speculation: Will Patrick Roy be the next coach in Colorado?


According to Adrian Dater of the Denver Post, Patrick Roy's brother, Stephane, has confirmed that Roy will be the next coach of the Colorado Avalanche.

Stephane Roy, who played briefly in the NHL, posted on his Facebook page Monday night, "For all my friends I'd like you to know before the official news spreads that my older brother will be the new coach of the Colorado Avalanch(sic)."

Oh to be a fly on the wall of that dressing room next year.


It's almost a tradition: the Avalanche fire a coach, the Avalanche's media and fans wonder if Patrick Roy will take that guy's place. Roy, you may remember, won two Stanley Cups with the Avs after leaving the Montreal Canadiens. He's a beloved, if slightly revered character around the team, much like St. Pat is with the Montreal Canadiens. The Avalanche just brought Joe Sakic in to be executive vice president of the team, solidifying a link with their successful past that – let's face it – the current team needs desperately. The Avs finished with just 39 points, second worst in the league, and will be picking first at this year's draft. Sakic has a very unenviable job ahead of him, but one that's completely do-able. In the previously linked article, the Boston Globe's Keven Paul DuPont compares Sakic's situation to that of Cam Neely's. Sea Bass fixed things in Boston; can Joe do it in Colorado?

One thing Sakic and the rest of the front office needs to look at is coaching. Of course, whenever there's a coaching vacancy, Roy's name comes up. It makes sense; Roy has been a very successful coach of the Quebec Remparts of the QMJHL (Roy is also the GM, owner, and VP of hockey ops). He won the Memorial Cup in his first season as coach, but has been noted for his fiery temper – and encouraging his sons' tempers as well.

Regardless of the drama, the Avs would be well-served to have someone with that much emotion behind the bench. One gets the feeling that Roy would have minimal tolerance for any planning of Las Vegas vacations, huge egos, or terrible play. He was offered the position in 2009 and politely declined; will he be offered the job again? If the Avs want to keep reminding fans of past successes and how they can fix current pitfalls, they need to. 

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