Rick DiPietro signs with German team SC Riessersee

There's always something entertaining about reading a news blast in a foreign language. Sometimes their words for things are the total opposite of what one would expect. Take, for example, German club SC Riessersee's website, where you will see "NHL-Sensation" used to describe Islanders goaltender Rick DiPietro. Normally the only sensation associated with DiPietro is "pain," so this is a step up for the oft-injured goaltender with the 15 year contract.

After you're done making sense how a second-tier German league team can afford DiPietro's insurance, try to make sense of the translation of the website's press release:

A second NHL sensation succeeded to the sports club Riessersee. Of the New York Islanders gate waiting legend Rick DiPietro comes to mixing part churches. The 31-jährige became in the year 2000 as No. 1 gedraftet, which succeeded to him as a first goal keeper at all. DiPietro signed 15 in the year 2006 (!) Annual contract in New York. This was the longest contract in the history of the NHL.

Rick DiPietro landed already today with its wife in Munich and in mixing part churches arrived.

This afternoon o'clock a press conference is planned in the Riessersee hotel at 16. There matt D´Agostini and Rick DiPietro of the press are introduced. In the evening both are to then train sports club starting from 19 o'clock with the crew of the Riessersee in the olympia ice sports center.

For training spectators the stadium cafe is opened to the inlet.

The goal keeper and the Stürmer from the NHL with the sports club Riessersee deny their first Heimspiel on Sunday, 14.Oktober at 18.30 o'clock in the olympia ice sports center of mixing part churches against the master of the last season from land hat.

Man, the master of the last season? Sounds much more fun than "Stanley Cup champion." It'd be great if from here on out everyone referred to the Kings as "Stanley Cup MASTERS."

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