NHL’s new ad campaign is “Because it’s the Cup”

When it comes to making advertising campaigns, the NHL has set the bar extremely high. As you might recall, last season we saw the brilliantly executed series of “History will be made” commercials that were both brilliant, inspiring and worthy of goose bumps. The ads were creative and effective in showing just how magical the NHL is. Prior to that, the NHL had the “No words” spot where players that had won the Cup were left speechless. There was also the equally as brilliant “Cup raise” spot that truly must be seen to be appreciated. (All these spots can be found below).

As the 2011-12 playoffs loom closer, the NHL has given us a hint of what they have in store this year thanks to a report from CBS Sports. This year’s tag will be “Because it’s the Cup” and will feature ads targeted toward the casual and non-hockey audience. If the new spots are anything like the previous few years, fans and non-fans alike should be in for a treat. 

Unfortunately, due to the huge success the NHL has had in making spots there comes increased pressure to repeat their success. This pressure has mounted after each spot they have made in the past few seasons has not only been well received but has taken off around the Internet. 

Hopefully this season’s ads will be just as impressive as the ones in the past. It’s tempting to have doubts when you read that the NHL is trying to target casual and non-hockey fans, but when you think back to ads such as the “No words” and “Cup raise”, these are ads that appeal to both the casual/non crowd as well as the loyal fan. If the NHL is wise, they will stick to this formula and create a new campaign with their “Because it’s the Cup” that isn’t too watered down for the fan that actually watches and actively follows the sport. The worst thing the league can do is create a series of spots that their best customers find insulting to their intelligence.

With that being said, we can all go ahead and start thinking of what the NHL may use in their “Because it’s the Cup” campaign. Instantly, there are dozens of moments that pop into mind that show the true passion of hockey. The CBS Sports article points out that one fun (and gruesome) example of what it takes to win the Cup was when Eric Belanger did some amateur dentistry work and removed his own tooth during the game. It has the shock and awe factor and would be a perfect showing of just how tough these athletes are. 

What would you like to see the NHL use in this new campaign? Do you think they will be able to match their recent success seen in the “History will be made”, “Cup raise” and “No words” spots? 

History will be made – Mario Lemieux (One example of numerous spots & parodies)


No words


Cup raise


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