NBC LA uses NBA logo for their own Los Angeles Kings

You might remember a story that ran on Puck Drunk Love in April that exposed a Florida news station using a college logo in place of the Florida Panthers logo. Today, a similar event happened in Los Angeles when NBC Los Angeles accidentally ran the NBA’s Sacramento Kings logo in place of the Los Angeles Kings logo. 



Found on Reddit Hockey, the blunder evidently occurred during the evening news on a segment breaking down the insanity that has been having three playoff teams all playing under the same roof of the STAPLES Center. It’s been a nightmare trying to figure out how to schedule the three team’s games all within hours of each other, allowing enough time for the venue to transform from a basketball court to an NHL rink. It also brings a surge of additional revenue to the city by having all three of their major teams extend their seasons by making the playoffs.

Unfortunately, the news station got a little too wrapped up in their NBA coverage and used a Sacramento Kings logo in place of a Los Angeles Kings logo. This error at least makes a little bit more sense than the Florida error we linked to above. The colors and team name are nearly identical. 

NBC LA wised up to their mistake later in the show and admitted that they felt embarrassed to make such a mistake. It’s ironic that such a story comes out on the heels of so many stories reporting how Los Angeles is a new hockey hotbed and that the sport is gaining more traction than ever before. We’ll chalk this mistake and the mistake down in Florida up as growing pains. Embarrassingly funny growing pains. 

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