Los Angeles Kings prove kindness of hockey in offering reward to help find the murderer of a child

PHOTO CREDIT: Los Angeles Times Blog

Hockey fans’ve long known that the sport harbors some of the most modest, charitable, and all around good people of any of the professional sports. It’s next to impossible to make it through a season without reading stories like Brooks Laich changing tires after a heartbreaking game seven loss or the Chicago Blackhawks coming together to support Dale Tallon in his time of loss. Where players are most notable is their charity work with children. Childrens hospitals are a favorite endevor of teams, as are food banks and community outreach programs into the rougher areas of the teams’ home cities. Anyone who has seen a child’s face light up when they see their favorite mascot and player walk in the door of their hospital room knows what a huge impact these guys have on their communities.

The Los Angeles Kings might have their eyes on the Stanley Cup tonight, but their heart is in their city. A 14 month old baby was killed the night before last in Watts, and the LAPD need help finding the child’s killer. The Kings, as part of the 2000 Acts of Hope charity, have donated $50,000 to the reward fund for any information leading to the capture of the individual responsible for this terrible crime.  Amazing move by yet another hockey team invested in their community and their home. They haven’t lost sight of what is important in life, even while they’re trying to win the Stanley Cup, and that says volumes to the team’s integrity.

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