Kings ruffle feathers with Tweet after victory

The Los Angeles Kings pulled out a huge win in a tight game against the Vancouver Canucks on Thursday night. The game went back and forth and featured some lucky, and unlucky, bounces which ultimately found the Kings having the last laugh. 

Evidently the team Twitter account wanted to have a laugh as well. As shown in the photo above, LA’s official account Tweeted out after the victory, “To everyone in Canada outside of BC, you’re welcome”. As you might have expected, fans outside of the Los Angeles area didn’t find the joke very funny. 

Twitter can be a dangerous medium. Twitter’s biggest perk, a direct connection to the fan/customer, is also one of its biggest cons if used incorrectly. We’ve seen this several times in 2011-12 with various team Twitter accounts making PR blunders. Now we can add the Los Angeles account to the list. 

The Tweet above didn’t receive a very warm reception, as you can see by the two responses included in the photo. The Kings were mostly called out for not having class after their rather surprising Tweet in the night’s big victory. The two included above were just two of hundreds, if not thousands, of upset responses the Kings received after placing their foot directly into their collective social media mouth. 

These types of Tweets are perfectly acceptable from fans and even bloggers. They are not acceptable from an account that represents an organization in the NHL. Going back to the topic of class, the old saying is that when you win you should act as if you’ve won in the past. Act like you’ve been there before. Here the Kings Tweeted a controversial message to fans in Canada after winning just one game. There’s a whole lot of series left. 

The Kings must not have deemed the Tweet to be too edgy as you can still find the message on their account. No one has deleted it as of the posting of this article. However, we can safely assume LA’s account won’t be quite as edgy over the rest of the series after the overwhelmingly negative response this message received. 

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