Fans predict when the NHL lockout will end

We ran an article prior to the NHL lockout that discussed what a couple former players and a current NHL agent thought about the impending lockout. They offered their predictions about how long a lockout might last if one was to transpire. 

Well, the lockout is here in all of its ugly glory. We asked you, the fans, through Twitter to offer up your predictions for when you think the NHL and the NHLPA will wise up and end this silly lockout. The answers, as expected, were unique and insightful in demonstrating that while we are all connected in fighting the lockout we all have a different view as to when hockey will return.

As mentioned above, the answers in response to the question "When will the lockout end?" were all over the map. Some were optimistic, some a bit less hopeful and there were even a few that found humor during a sad time. 







Less Hopeful






Taylor Swift's song is oddly appropriate here, as seen in one response. 




Don't see your opinion reflected above or want you make your own prediction? Offer it below in the comments.

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