Another LA media blunder: Jonathan Swift

Are local media stations in Los Angeles suddenly in on the joke? It seems like after each game the Kings play a different station uses an incorrect logo, team name or butchers a key player’s name. 

The media coverage after LA’s big Game 3 victory provided yet another gem as the Fox station in Los Angeles incorrectly called Jonathan Quick by the name of Jonathan Swift. 

This latest error, found on Reddit Hockey, ranks low in terms of embarrassment. At the very least the station was using the correct footage from the correct game. They also didn’t spell any words incorrectly and didn’t use any NBA logos like we have seen from other LA stations in the past few weeks. 

Maybe we should give Fox LA the benefit of the doubt. Maybe their female anchor was simply trying to create a new nickname for the Kings goaltender. At the very least, the word she used in place of Quick, Swift, has roughly the same meaning as the goaltender’s actual name. 

Unfortunately, this plethora of media blunders out of LA during the playoffs casts the market in an extremely poor light. This latest error isn’t a serious offender but the sheer amount of mistakes Los Angeles stations have made about the Kings makes the market as a whole look rather uneducated and gives some credibility to the argument that the whole area is simply riding the bandwagon. This isn’t fair to the serious fans that not only know their team’s logo but have been waiting for decades for the Kings to be in this position. 

Shape up, LA media. Your hockey team has done something truly remarkable in the 2012 playoffs. They have been the most dominant squad in the playoffs that we have seen in recent memory. It’s time the media raises its standards to match the extreme quality of play we have seen on the ice from the Kings. 

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