2013 All-Star Game to go in next round of game cancelations

This really isn't a shock, honestly. The next round of games canceled by the NHL, expected to come soon if a resolution isn't met some time this week, will run through December. If the season starts in January, then how can there be an All-Star Game in Columbus? There can't be. Aaron Portzline of the Columbus Dispatch reports that the league's been discussing giving the game the heave-ho.

It stands to reason. The games through November got canceled, and the Winter Classic went by the wayside. The All-Star Game is significantly less enjoyable and less beloved by the fans and the players. Everyone knows it's an exhibition game that's put on for fun and the sponsors. What is unfortunate is the $12 million economic injection to Columbus lost to the cancelation. It's a stark reminder of the fact that the Lockout and everything that comes with it is impacting a lot more than just the owners and players. There are a lot of businesses in every city — especially Columbus and Detroit/Ann Arbor — who are hurting, and if this thing doesn't get resolved, they'll be hurting a lot worse.

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