Saturday Ice Chips: Quick Scratches On the Scoreboard

Welcome to Saturday Ice Chips. We’re experimenting here at PDL with an ongoing Saturday series that highlights some of the posts we’ve been reading over the past week. If we think this holds some weight, you’ll be sure to see a similar post like this every Saturday. The name of this series is up for debate and probably will change.

Remember: If you see something you think we should write about or should include in our Saturday post, email us (email link at the bottom). Even though PDL reads a ton of articles each week, we can’t cover them all.

Posts Around Bloguin:

There is a new guy on the block. Stop by and see Bloguin’s newest hockey blog. [Tonight’s Healthy Scratches]

There is a big present under the Senators Christmas tree. New SBP Scoreboard [the6thSens]

The Devils franchise decide to honor Scott Niedermayer and retire #27. [Running With The Devils]

Chris takes a look at Jimmy Howard and Jonathan Quick – two of the best US born goalies in the league right now. [Nightmare on Helm Street]

We can never get enough last minute entertainment before we call it a night. The Videos Before Beadtime series will help you with that. [TheProgram]

Around the League:

Flyers must plan for Pronger to never return. [NHL Hot Stove]

The Florida Panthers are creating their own portion of dry island for their “Drive Sober Or Get Pulled Over” campaign. [On Frozen Pond]

Getting kicked out for all time lows. Man gets kicked out of league for defacating in a player’s glove. [Puck Daddy]

Roll out the public relations train. Syracuse Crunch try to jump in on a celebrity divorce. [Puck Daddy]

Don’t expect the NHLPA to come out with a concussion lawsuit against the league. [The Globe and Mail]

Odds and Ends:

For those who were unable to watch episode one of 24/7 Road to the Winter Classic can do so now as the NHL has uploaded the first episode to their website. I tend to wonder if they’re doing this because they want to get people watching the rest of the series or if they want to cut down illegal streams of the videos during original airtime. Ironically when I tried to watch the episode on, it wouldn’t load.

Speaking about the 24/7 episode, if you happened to get ruffled up by Artem Anisimov’s “point and shoot” celebration, you might need to take a vacation. Although it might have been deemed inappropriate, I fail to see where it deserved so much attention (and penalties for that matter). The player obviously wanted to switch things up during a goal celebration. If you don’t want him to do that, don’t let him score. Heaven forbid the league takes a page out of the No Fun League.

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